Course code

Course title

DDS 101

Introduction to Development Studies

DDS 102

Society and Development

DIR  101

Fundamentals of International Relations

DIR 102

Introduction to Diplomacy

DPS 101

Introduction to Basic Concepts

DPS 102

Introduction to Political Sociology

UCI 101

Foundations of Information Technology

UCI 102

Word  Processing and Design Presentation



Course Code

Course Title

DDS 103

Development Economics

DDS 104

Development Politics 

DIR 103

Theories of International Relations

DIR 104

International Political Economy

DPS 103

Politics and Government in Africa

DPS 104

Introduction to Political Theory

UCI 103

Computer Communication System    

UCI 104

Data Manipulation Analysis using Spreadsheets




Course Code

Course title

DDS 201

Theories and Strategies of Development

DDS 202

Comparative Social Structures and Institutions

DIR 201

Introduction to Political Economy

DPS 202

Classical and Modern Political Theory

DPS 201

Introduction to Political Economy

DPS 202

Introduction to Comparative Politics

UCI 202

Computer Based Information Systems

UCI 201

Database Management Systems



Course Code

Course Title

DDS 203

Development Issues in Developing Countries

DDS 204

International Institutions and the Development Process

DIR 203

Third World politics

DIR 204

Human Rights in International Relations

DPS 203

Introduction to Public Administration

DPS 204

Political Systems and Processes of Developing Countries

UCI 203

Computer Based Information Systems

UCI 204

Database Management Systems



Course Code

Course Title

DDS 301

 Development and the State

DDS 302

 Environment  and Development

DDS 303

International Development

DDS 304

Gender  and Development

DDS 305

Health and Development

DDS 306

Human Rights and Development

DDS 307

 Social Movements in Development

DDS 308

Conflict Management and Development

UCI 303

Multimedia and Graphics Systems and Applications

UCI 313

Statistical Treatment of Analytical Data



Unit Code

Course Title

DDS 309

Research Methodology

DDS 310

Rural Development

DDS 311

Agriculture and Development

DDS 312

Population and Development

DDS 313

 NGOs and Development

DDS  314

Forced migration and Development

DDS 315

Issues in Urban Development

DDS 316

Tourism and Development

DDS 317

Industrial Attachment

UCI 322

Electronic Commerce

UCI 224

Statistical Analysis with SPSS



Course Code

 Course Title

DDS 401

Public Enterprises and Development

DDS 402

Public  Bureaucracy and Development Administration

DDS 403

Social Aspect of Development

DDS 404

Comparative Development

DDS 405

Development Planning

DDS 406

Seminar in Development Studies

DDS 407

Political Economy of African Development

DDS 408

 Human Resource Management in Development

UCI 404

Principles of Functional Programming

UCI 409

 IT and Society



Course Code

Course Title

DDS 409

MNCs and Development

DDS 410

 Project Analysis

DDS 411

 Ethics in Development

DDS  412

Monitoring and Evaluation in Development Practice

DDS 413

Community Development

DDS 414

Governance and Development

DDS 415

 Public Policy and Development

DDS 416

Resource Mobilization and Fundraising

DDS 417

 Research Project in Development Studies

UCI 416

 Human Computer Interaction

UCI 427

Social and Professional Issues in Computing