About Us

About Us

The prevalence of poverty in developing countries, especially its rising level in Africa, has put development firmly on the agenda of the state, non-governmental organizations, academic and research institutions, and international organizations. Consequently, these organizations continue to be preoccupied with the challenge of improving living conditions of people and making the improved livelihoods sustainable.

To enhance its contribution to meeting this challenge, Maseno University established the School of Development and Strategic Studies in 2004 to serve as a multidisciplinary coordinating unit for development research, teaching, learning and community outreach activities. Consequently, the mission of the School is to facilitate teaching, learning, and conducting research on social, economic and political dimensions of development at all levels and make the knowledge so generated available for use by society through publications and community outreach programmes.

In pursuit of this mission, the School carries out its activities through the following departments.

The School is the pioneer in Kenya to offer undergraduate degree programmes in Development Studies and International Relations and Diplomacy and it continues to develop innovative programmes to address the development challenges of humanity. Whereas all degree programmes are offered at the Main and Kisumu City Campuses, Diploma and Certificate programmes are available only at Kisumu City Campus.

In addition to the academic programmes, the School organizes client-driven community outreach activities to respond to various development impediments that people and groups in communities encounter in their struggles to earn livelihoods. Graduates of our programmes have a wide range of career opportunities in the public service, diplomatic service, international organizations and non-governmental organizations.