Dr Michael Owiso

1 .Title: Responding to protracted displacement in an urban world:

The 3-year project is comparing the experiences of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in cities and camps in four countries – Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Jordan and Kenya. The ultimate goal is to improve the wellbeing and productive livelihoods of displaced people and to enable their full participation in urban life and contribution to host cities.

Partners: International Institute for Environment and Development, Cardiff University – School of Geography and Planning, Samuel Hall, International Rescue Committee, SDI Kenya, Maseno University, Dilla University, Hashemite University of Jordan,Women’s Refugee Commission

2.    2. Title: Social Cohesion as a Humanitarian Objective

This project applies ethnographic methods among both humanitarian organisations and affected communities in two countries that host large refugee populations: Lebanon and Kenya. Our goals are to document the variety of programme objectives encompassed by the “social cohesion” banner, the metrics used to monitor and assess these programmes, and the political consequences of bringing local communities under the remit of refugee aid providers.

Partners: Refugees Studies Center – Oxford University, Maseno University, Issam Fares Institute-American University of Beirut, Jesuit Refugee Services

3. Title: Implementing the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework in Kenya: An Analysis of the Policy and Socio-economic implications 

This study aims at exploring the implementation of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) in Kenya, specifically in Kakuma/Kalobeyei and Dadaab. Although this framework has been endorsed and supported by the international community, there is little sustained analysis on the impact of the CRRF adoption in Kenya. This study therefore aims to investigate the governance and implementation of CRRF framework in Kenya with regard to how it is shaping the relationship between host and refugee communities.

Partners: German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE), Maseno University

4.      Intersection between Migration, Environment and Wellbeing: Transnational Remittances and Ecological Belongingness in Kenya

The project aims to explore the intellectual and logistic opportunities and challenges to conduct research at the intersections of migration, wellbeing and environment with an initial focus on Kenya, and identifying opportunities for consortia involving other countries in the Global South to tackle large grants. More specifically, we aim to:

* To explore the intersection of migration with environment and wellbeing in Kenya – at national, regional and local level;

 * To identify vulnerabilities and resiliences linked to this intersection in Kenya, Africa, Global South;

* To map out stakeholders in the field of migration, environment and wellbeing policy;

* To generate a research partnership to lead to empirical research and scientific publications in these areas;

* To discuss an impact plan engaging with stakeholders on the ground to positively influence policy and practice;

* To build capacity in and cooperation between the partner institutions: KIMS, University of Strathmore, Maseno University and non-academic partners in Kenya and the region;

 * To develop a research partnership between partners in Kenya and researchers in EHU.